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POSTPONED Trauma Informed Care: Half Day Workshop- September 20th (October dates announced soon!)

POSTPONED Trauma Informed Care: Half Day Workshop- September 20th (October dates announced soon!)



This is the first of 4 workshops. We explore the foundational concepts of Trauma-Informed Care as a building block for the other 3 workshops we train on: Crisis Intervention 101, Healthy Boundaries, Burn-out, and Conflict Resolution. We recommend participating in this workshop first as these concepts will be helpful to the other workshops (not required). This session will be offered once every 3 months.

Boost Consulting is inspired by Dr. Sandra L. Bloom’s research in developing trauma-informed spaces and organizations, and Dr. Dan Siegel’s work on interpersonal neurobiology, trauma, and mindfulness. Both these models guide our Trauma-Informed Care 101 training. Trauma-informed care is a framework that can help support employees by building their knowledge about how to self-regulate, honor a client’s/service recipient’s experience, foster safe spaces for open/honest communication, and instill within them supportive and accessible knowledge to combat their own burnout and compassion fatigue. Having accessible knowledge about trauma and organizational resiliency supports employees in cultivating self-awareness, building their understanding of trauma and trauma responses, and integrating new practices that are healthy and sustainable. Our trauma-informed care workshop and experience will share definitions for a common language, offer an overall understanding about how the traumatized brain works, explore what trauma-Informed care is, explain why employees/employers should care, and learn how to apply these new practices through case-study presentations and activities.

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Time: 2pm-6pm (4 Hour Workshop)

Address: 3330 Brighton Blvd. Denver, CO 80216 (Charley & Co. @ The Source)

Directions: The training is located inside The Source at Charley & Co. Park in the garage behind the building. Go to the North side of The Source. Instead of going to the main entrance of Charley & Co. take the staircase to the left. Follow the stairs up to the event space to the left. There will be signs to guide you.

Outline of Workshop:

  • Overview of concepts and definitions

  • Foundational information about the structure and function of the brain

  • Trauma-informed care: understanding the theory and application in the workplace

  • Small group activity and self-study

  •  Trauma responses: Identifying /navigating old patterns and developing new choices

  • Case study presentations and discussions

  • Small group activity and self-study

  • Large group discussion

 Target Audience: This is an introductory-intermediate level workshop intended for anyone interested in learning more about the value of trauma-informed workplaces, in order to better manage employees, interact with colleagues, and support clients. (ex. coaches, mentors, administrators, case managers, supervisors, clinicians, support staff, teachers, customer service advocates, care coordinators, hospital staff, probation officers, and much more!)

 Method of Delivery: Presentation, video, case study exercises, personal reflection, small group exercises, and large group discussion

 Learning Objectives: At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the prevalence and impact of trauma on individuals, communities and organizations

  • Identify trauma and trauma responses

  • Define and share the impact of trauma-informed care

  • Comprehend how to utilize newly developed trauma-informed tools and strategies

  • Describe steps for creating safer work settings for both service providers and clients