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Feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, lost, betrayed, angry, or hopeless?  Boost employs mindfulness, Hakomi techniques, and interpersonal neurobiology to cultivate a safe and self-directed arena of support and healing.  We will explore historical and default strategies that have been established and used throughout your life, and help you decide whether or not they have been serving you and your relationship to the world.  Through developing this awareness, we will expand our options and incorporate newly cultured strategies that continue to align with who you are and who you are becoming.   


Feeling unmotivated, uninspired, and directionless in your job, education, or relationships?  We will start by targeting areas in your life that feel flat or lifeless and dissect the components that make-up those areas to better understand how the momentum has declined.  Simultaneously, we will explore your strengths, aspirations, supports, talents, and motivators to build a personalized infrastructure of weekly/monthly/yearly goals that align with who you are and who you are becoming.   


Are you a company struggling with employee retention, work-flow, and goal setting?  We will bring educational forums and packages to your leadership and employees to better understand how your vision/mission is translated into the work you do and the product you provide.  We will offer a trauma-informed lens that will aid in inter-departmental communication, sustainability, organization, and motivation that align with who you are and who you are becoming as individual people and as a company.  



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